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Painting is like a butterfly! It goes through changes before becoming something beautiful!

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Hello! I am Laurie Wearp, an avid crafter and artist who is on a mission to provide unique gifts through seasonal items, ceramics, ornaments, and more. Whether you are looking for Christmas ornaments, unique kitchen essentials or ceramic décor, we have it all. At Flutterby Connections, I have been at the forefront when it comes to creating personalized gifts and art.

About Laurie Wearp

I have been painting most of my life. I started as a small child. With over four decades of experience, I’ve learned and mastered many techniques that show in the details I add to each piece. I have been selling items in small venues over the years. In 2011, I launched Flutterby Connections as a way to selling these festive, decorative, keepsake items online.

The Story of Flutterby Connections

The name Flutterby Connections was conceptualized when monarch butterflies became a lovely reminder of my mom, who passed away 20 years ago. My niece couldn’t pronounce butterfly at the time. Instead, she called it “Flutterby”. With our close connections in our family, Flutterby Connections was destined to be.


From custom ornaments to holiday ceramics with my signature eyes and eyelashes, I use my passion for painting to create many things. There are products available for all ages, especially for anyone who loves the holidays. I am known for the skillful art of transforming products. I love a challenge and enjoy making beautiful keepsakes for my customers to treasure for years to come.

Flutterby Connections